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Professional Recommendations

From previous co-workers and managers

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Alex Mudd

Editor-in-Chief | Rev77 Marketing

In addition to an indomitable work ethic, Nicole has also demonstrated exceptional critical thinking ability and creativity. Her work is never derivative. It has been, on the whole, astonishingly unique given the often repetitive subject matter she is tasked with writing about.

Nicole Heath

Fmr. Marketing Manager | WR Group, Inc.

Nicole is a very talented copywriter whose sense of style and creativity impressed me throughout the time we worked together. She was thoughtful, organized, quick to learn, and consistently turned in great work... I would hire Nicole again in a heartbeat if given the chance!

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Kimberly Katz

Senior Marketing Manager | Vestcom

Nicole is a great copywriter! She’s easy to work with + speedy and thorough with her projects. Very self-directed and takes it upon herself to go above and beyond the scope of work. Excellent time management skills and communication... I depended on her A LOT to get things done quickly and done well. Thanks Nicole!

Becca Smouse

Digital Recruitment Specialist |
Tempe Elementary School District

She is organized, detail-oriented and is always willing to jump into any project that comes across her desk. She is hardworking and dedicated, she always sees projects through from beginning to end with a keen eye for the small details that others would overlook. She is willing to help others, even if the work is out of the scope of her normal duties and responsibilities.

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