Below you will find samples of content marketing blogs that I have created for various third-party clients.

How to spot and prevent dehydration

Written for an urgent care client based in Texas to inform people of the dangers associated with not drinking enough water; especially during the summer.

What should I do before moving for a new job?

Blog created for a moving company's website with considerations people should make before moving for a new job.

What to look for during a roof inspection

Blog post created for third-party client designed to help a homeowner spot any trouble areas on their roof.

10 ways to save money at the pump

Blog post created for a credit counseling client. Designed to help people care for their vehicles and get the most bang for their buck.

Where you can find the best burgers in Seattle

Created for a Seattle-based moving company to drive traffic to their site and provide fun information for people moving to the area.

The cost of caregiving: How to avoid sacrificing your own wellbeing

Blog created for a third-party nursing home client designed to educate caregivers about ways to ensure they are taking care of themselves and not just others.

Stretch mark removal: Why laser resurfacing is most effective

Created for a cosmetic surgery client to inform clients about the benefits of their method of stretch mark removal.

5 worst homeowner HVAC habits

Written for a North Carolina-based HVAC company to inform homeowners best practices for maintaining their HVAC units.

How these 8 common household items can harm your kitchen sink

Informational blog created to inform homeowners about the damage common items can cause when improperly disposed of in a kitchen sink.